• Harvest

    It starts at the farms with the manual picking of the fruit from the trees, which is then introduced in eight kilogram loose boxes. Cherries are carefully dealt with to prevent any damage during the process.

  • Intake

    When the fruit arrives to the warehouse, it is classified in different lots according to its variety before moving to the next step in the production chain. It is here that the product’s quality is thoroughly scrutinised so only the best cherries are processed. The fruit is then hydrocooled and kept cold for optimal conservation.

  • Grading

    With the fruit already pre-refrigerated, it is now introduced in the optical grading machine, where it can be classified according to size and colour. After being graded, the right format for distribution will be determined and cherries will be sent to different sections of the warehouse depending on the format.

  • Packaging

    The product can be packaged in two or five kilogram boxes, or 250 or 500 gram punnets. The daily packaging capacity in punnets is of 50 tons.

  • Distribution

    Once the fruit is in perfect condition for its distribution, both in terms of quality and packaging format, it is loaded in refrigerated trucks and sent to its final destination. The fruit never breaks the cold chain, which is the reason why we guarantee the maximum freshness of the product.